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Public hearing 7: Barriers to accessing a safe, quality and inclusive school education and life course impacts

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing in Brisbane from Monday, 12 October 2020 to Friday, 16 October 2020. The hearing will be closed to the public but will be live streamed on the Royal Commission website.

The public hearing will explore the barriers experienced by students with disability in accessing and obtaining a safe, quality and inclusive school education and the resulting impacts on the life course of those students, and their families, when these barriers prevent access to equitable education.

The scope and purpose of the public hearing will therefore inquire into certain issues as they relate to the experiences of students with disability, including:

  • the impact on students with disability of absences, suspensions, exclusions and expulsion from school
  • the re-engagement of students with disability when they have experienced absences, suspensions, exclusions or expulsion from school
  • the provision of adjustments and supports, and the barriers to making reasonable adjustments and supports available, for students with disability
  • individualised planning for students with disability
  • the use of restrictive practices on students with disability;
  • teacher training and qualification requirements for students with disability
  • the resulting impacts on the life course and mental health of students with disability who have experienced barriers in education, including the transition to higher education and employment.

These issues will be explored by hearing from various witnesses who will give evidence at the hearing and through the examination of case studies. On this occasion, the evidence will focus predominantly on the experience of students with disability in mainstream schools.

As the Royal Commission has indicated previously, the Royal Commission will continue to inquire into issues of specific relevance to segregated/special schools and segregated environments, including in its future public hearing work. The Royal Commission thanks those who have engaged with it on these issues and welcomes the receipt of any further information and submissions.

Anyone who believes they have a direct and substantial interest in the subject of public hearing 7, may make an application for leave to appear as outlined in Practice Guideline 6. Those wishing to do so, should make such application by no later than 4.00pm Friday 2 October 2020.