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Welcome to the Royal Commission order resources section. Here you can order printed copies of Royal Commission materials and they will be shipped to you free of charge within Australia only. 

Simply select the publication you require to go to the order page. Complete the order details and the publication will be shipped within 10 business days.

A Braille copy of the introductory Volume, Executive Summary, Our vision for an Inclusive Australia and Recommendations, can be ordered by emailing These will be available from mid-November.

Communication materials

About the Disability Royal Commission and Public hearing brochures

Final Report, Interim Report and Progress Reports
Final Report - Executive summary, Our vision for an inclusive Australia and Recommendations
Final Report - Volume 1, Voices of people with disability
Final Report - Volume 7, Inclusive education, employment and housing
Final Report - complete set (15 books)
Final Report – Easy Read – complete set (15 books)
Interim Report

Progress Report 1 - 7

Public Hearing Reports

Public Hearing Report 2

Public Hearing Report 12

Public Hearing Report 33

Public Hearing Report 3

Public Hearing Report 13


Public Hearing Report 4

Public Hearing Report 14


Public Hearing Report 5

Public Hearing Report 17


Public Hearing Report 6

Public Hearing Report 20


Public Hearing Report 7

Public Hearing Report 21


Public Hearing Report 10

Public Hearing Report 23

Research Reports

Agents of our own destiny: Activism and the road to the Disability Royal Commission

Care criminalisation of children with disability in child protection systems

Changing community attitudes to improve inclusion of people with disability

Complaint mechanisms: Reporting pathways for violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Shining a light on Social Transformation

Disability in Australia: Shadows, struggles and successes

Diversity, dignity, equity and best practice: a framework for supported decision-making

Economic cost of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

Examining language and vocabulary used by people living with disability

Hierarchies of power: Disability theories and models and their implications for violence against and abuse, neglect, and exploitation of, people with disability

Legislation and Regulation in Australia Children and young people with disability in primary and secondary education settings

Nature and extent of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation against people with disability in Australia

Options to improve service availability and accessibility for First Nations people with disability

Outcomes associated with ‘inclusive’, ‘segregated’ and ‘integrated’ settings for people with disability

Parents with disability and their experiences of child protection systems

People with disability transitioning from prison and their pathways into homelessness

Persons with Disability and the Australian Constitution

Police responses with disability

Rapid Evidence Review: Violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

Reducing restrictive practices: A review of evidence-based alternatives

Report on the key elements of the legislative framework affecting people with disability

Restrictive practices: A pathway to elimination

Something Stronger: Truth-telling on hurt and loss, strength and healing, from First Nations people with disability

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - An Assessment of Australia's Level of Compliance

Towards best-practice access to services for culturally and linguistically diverse people with a disability

Violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of LGBTQA+ people with disability

Wangkiny Yirra “Speaking Up” Project: First Nations women and children with disability and their experiences of family and domestic violence