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Public hearing 31: Vision for an inclusive Australia

The Royal Commission’s thirty-first public hearing was held from 12 to 16 December 2022 at Level 5, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane.

This hearing was open to the public and livestreamed on our website.

The hearing was conducted before all Commissioners: the Honourable Ronald Sackville AO KC (Chair), Ms Barbara Bennett PSM, Dr Rhonda Galbally AC, Mr Alastair McEwin AM, Ms Andrea Mason OAM and the Honourable John Ryan AM.

Public hearing 31 focussed on a vision for an inclusive Australia. It explored what should be done to create a more inclusive society that supports people with disability to live independently and free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. It  examined the progress of the Australian Disability Strategy and how it is being implemented.

The hearing was led by people with disability sharing what inclusion means to them and their vision for an inclusive Australia. Building on evidence previously heard about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including in Public hearing 18, the hearing was grounded in a human rights framework.

The hearing explored innovative models and pathways that enhance inclusion and the realisation of human rights. Evidence was heard from people with disability, academics, experts, organisations and advocates about topics including:

  • co-design, consultation and disability leadership

  • challenging ableist attitudes and behaviours

  • universal design, accessibility and technological innovation

  • the power of media, sports and community representation

  • reforming mainstream systems and services to be more accessible and inclusive.

The Royal Commission heard from representatives of the Australian Government and Queensland Government about their respective actions to implement the Australian Disability Strategy.

Anyone who believes they have a direct and substantial interest in the subject matter of this hearing, as outlined in Practice Guideline 6, is able to make an application for leave to appear by 4:00pm (AEDT) Thursday, 8 December 2022.