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Our public hearings


Public hearing: Education, Brisbane

The public hearing will explore the barriers in the education system to students with disability in accessing and obtaining a quality education, and experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, and the consequences which flow to students and their families when students who have not been given proper access to equitable education. This hearing is due to take place later in 2020.

Public hearing 5: Experiences of people with disability during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

The Royal Commission hearing in Sydney is scheduled to begin on Tuesday 18 August. The hearing will be closed to the public, but will be live streamed on the Royal Commission website.

Public hearing 4: Health care and services for people with cognitive disability

The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Sydney from 18 February to 28 February 2020.

The hearing was the start of the Royal Commission’s examination of issues relating to the provision of health care to people with disability.

Public hearing 3: the experience of living in a group home for people with disability

The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Melbourne from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December 2019.

The public hearing inquired into homes and living for people with disability in Victoria and particularly the experiences of people who have lived or are currently living in group homes.

Public hearing 2: Inclusive education in Queensland – preliminary inquiry

The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Townsville from Monday 4 November to Thursday 7 November 2019.

The hearing was the Royal Commission’s first hearing at which evidence will be taken.