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Our latest issues paper is looking at the experiences of people with disability in employment. We want to understand why people with disability are less likely to be employed and have lower incomes than people without disability. The issues paper is also seeking information about people’s experiences of discrimination at work and how well specific programs designed to increase the employment of people with disability are working. The issues paper asks 9 questions to help people and organisations to provide responses. The paper is available in Easy Read, PDF and DOCX.

How to respond

Further responses to the Employment Issues paper will be accepted until 31 October, 2020. After this date, any comments about this issues paper can be made via the submissions process.

Responses to the issues paper can be provided, either:

  • electronically to
  • in writing to GPO Box 1422, Brisbane, Queensland 4001
  • by phone on 1800 517 199 or +61 7 3734 1900, we can make a time with you to take your response over the phone (Monday to Friday, excluding national public holidays)
  • by audio recording
  • by video recording.

Responses can be in any language. The Royal Commission will translate the response to English.

We may make your response public unless you tell us not to.

Issues paper (Auslan) - Employment

Issues paper (Auslan) transcript - Employment

We are the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

We have prepared an issues paper on an important topic.

We invite you to respond.

Your feedback will help us in our work

We are interested in the experiences of people with disability in employment in different work settings.

This could be in open or segregated workplaces.

It could mean employment in paid work or contracting.

It could mean being self-employed or being an apprentice.


There is a United Nations convention that talks about the rights of people with disability.

The convention says that people with disability have the right to work on an equal basis as others.

We want to understand why people with disability are less likely to be employed.

We want to know why they miss out on career progression opportunities.

We want to know why people with disability have lower incomes.

We also want to know why First Nations people with disability experience higher rates of unemployment.

We welcome your feedback

Employment programs

In Australia there are lots of programs that support people with disability take part in employment.

We are interested in whether these programs are beneficial.

We want to know if they are easy to access, how well they help people with disability find and keep a job.

We want to know whether these jobs provide an adequate income.

We also want to hear form employers.

We want to know whether these programs help employers hire and keep people with disability.


It is against the law to discriminate against someone based on their disability.

This includes people with disability in employment.

We want know how people with disability experience violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in different workplaces.

We want to understand how often it happens in the workplace.

We would like your input on how Australian laws, policies and practices can better support people with disability in employment.

Your response

At the end of our issues paper there is a list of questions.

You do not have to answer every question.

You can respond in any way you like.

You can respond in writing or by a video recording.

To read the full issues paper, and for more details on how to respond, go to the Policy and Research section on our website.