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Responses to the Employment issues paper

The Royal Commission reads and carefully considers all documents and information it receives, regardless of whether or not that information is published. If the Royal Commission publishes documents, they may be  published with parts that are redacted (blacked out). This is to ensure that the Royal Commission complies with its legal obligations and to address privacy concerns. The Royal Commission is not required to publish all documents and information it receives.

The issues paper responses published here are not endorsed by the Royal Commission. They are published without comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them. This includes in cases where responses contain material which may fall within the scope of federal, state or territory parliamentary privilege.

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Date Submitted by Document
Victorian Government ISS.001.00717
Queensland University of Technology ISS.001.00355
Australian Centre for Disability Law ISS.001.00409
Mental Health Australia ISS.001.00461
Equal Opportunity Commission, SA ISS.001.00356
breakthru Ltd ISS.001.00427
Mental Health Victoria ISS.001.00468
Deafness Forum of Australia ISS.001.00175
KPMG ISS.001.00360
Anonymous ISS.001.00438
CYDA ISS.001.00490
Anonymous ISS.001.00176
University of Sydney ISS.001.00361
Australia Post ISS.001.00445
NAB ISS.001.00234
Anonymous ISS.001.00395
National Disability Services (NDS) ISS.001.00448
Anonymous ISS.001.00284
MAX Solutions ISS.001.00340
AHRC ISS.001.00459
Diversity Council Australia ISS.001.00310
Blind Citizens Australia ISS.001.00347
Down Syndrome Australia ISS.001.00469
AED Legal Centre ISS.001.00313
Vision Australia ISS.001.00350
Australian Government background paper ISS.001.00502
Dr Ariela Meltzer ISS.001.00335
Greenacres ISS.001.00359
Bedford Phoenix Incorporated (Bedford Group) ISS.001.00509
Centre of Research Excellence Disabilty and Health (CREDH) ISS.001.00341
Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) ISS.001.00362
NSW Public Service Commission ISS.001.00247
Independent Advisory Council to the NDIS ISS.001.00342
Limbs 4 Life ISS.001.00373
Dr Ann Nevile ISS.001.00330
Anonymous ISS.001.00345
Mission Australia ISS.001.00382
YWCA ISS.001.00353
Good Sammy Enterprises ISS.001.00348
Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) ISS.001.00383
Aspergers Victoria ISS.001.00377
Arts Access Australia ISS.001.00349
Activ Foundation ISS.001.00391
Job Support ISS.001.00378
Office of the Commmissioner for Public Employment ISS.001.00351
Qld Department of the Premier and Cabinet ISS.001.00396
National LGBTIQ Health Alliance ISS.001.00384
Dementia Australia ISS.001.00354
Children's Tumor Foundation of Australia ISS.001.00398
Anonymous ISS.001.00386