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Responses to the first Education and learning issues paper

The Royal Commission reads and carefully considers all information we receive, regardless of whether or not we publish that information. The Royal Commission is not required to publish information we receive, and if we do publish, we do so in line with our legal obligations. This means that in some cases we may need to redact (black out) parts of documents, or may not publish documents even if a person would like us to do so.

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Date Submitted by Document
Children and Young People with Disability Australia ISS.001.00192
Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education ISS.001.00232
Children and Young People with Disability Australia ISS.001.00293
Children and Young People with Disability Australia ISS.001.00394
Anonymous ISS.001.00410
Queensland Law Society ISS.001.00413
Lojic Institute ISS.001.00417
Australian Special Education Principals' Association ISS.001.00421
Victorian Government ISS.001.00155
Theresa Iacono ISS.001.00047
Noah's Ark ISS.001.00050
Sheila Norman ISS.001.00006
Australian Spectrum Australia (Aspect) ISS.001.00051
Anonymous ISS.001.00007
Family Advocacy ISS.001.00052
Anonymous ISS.001.00015
Anonymous ISS.001.00053
Paul Harpur and Michael Stein ISS.001.00016
Autism Asperges Advocacy Australia (A4) ISS.001.00054
Occupational Therapy Australia ISS.001.00018
SPELD Victoria ISS.001.00055
Australian Centre for Disability Law ISS.001.00019
Developmental Disability WA ISS.001.00059
Down Syndrome Australia ISS.001.00021
Victorian Commissioner for Children and Young People ISS.001.00066
Australian Human Rights Commission ISS.001.00022
Dyslexia QLD Support Group ISS.001.00080
Speech Pathology Australia ISS.001.00023
Women With Disabilities Australia ISS.001.00085
Vision Australia ISS.001.00024
Anonymous ISS.001.00099
NSW Government ISS.001.00025
Australian Association of Special Education ISS.001.00206
University of Sunshine Coast Australia ISS.001.00027
National Catholic Education Commissioner ISS.001.00220
Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia ISS.001.00028
Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association ISS.001.00276
Russell Ayres ISS.001.00046