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Responses to the Group homes issues paper

The Royal Commission reads and carefully considers all documents and information it receives, regardless of whether or not that information is published. If the Royal Commission publishes documents, they may be  published with parts that are redacted (blacked out). This is to ensure that the Royal Commission complies with its legal obligations and to address privacy concerns. The Royal Commission is not required to publish all documents and information it receives.

The issues paper responses published here are not endorsed by the Royal Commission. They are published without comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them. This includes in cases where responses contain material which may fall within the scope of federal, state or territory parliamentary privilege.

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Date Submitted by Document
Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia ISS.001.00226
Gellibrand Support Services ISS.001.00210
Women with Disabilities Australia ISS.001.00242
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated ISS.001.00216
Anonymous ISS.001.00010
Purple Orange ISS.001.00369
People with Disability Australia ISS.001.00217
Anonymous ISS.001.00011
Speakout Association of Tasmania ISS.001.00406
Office of the Public Advocate ISS.001.00244
Women with Disabilities Victoria ISS.001.00013
Lojic Institute ISS.001.00424
Women with Disabilities ACT ISS.001.00057
Anonymous ISS.001.00008
Carers NSW ISS.001.00058
Anonymous ISS.001.00036
Ageing and Disability Commission ISS.001.00060
NSW Trustee & Guardian ISS.001.00074
National Disability Services ISS.001.00062
Advocacy for Inclusion ISS.001.00075
Kathy Kendell ISS.001.00063
Lancaster Consulting Australia ISS.001.00077
Anonymous ISS.001.00064
Anonymous ISS.001.00079
Melbourne East Disability Advocacy ISS.001.00070
Women with Disabilities Victoria ISS.001.00081
Speech Pathology Australia ISS.001.00071
Dietitians Association Australia ISS.001.00082
Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accomodation ISS.001.00072
Anonymous ISS.001.00105
Advocacy Tasmania ISS.001.00076
emha365 ISS.001.00159
Queenslanders with Disability Network ISS.001.00078
Independent Advocacy SA Inc ISS.001.00187