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Private sessions allow you to share your experiences with a Royal Commissioner in a confidential setting.

Please register your interest below if you wish to be considered for a private session.

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Your identity, and anything you tell us in connection with, or during, a private session is protected from disclosure by law.

The information you provide in a private session is confidential, even after the Royal Commission has ended, except in very specific circumstances. These specific circumstances include where your information relates to contravention of an Australian law and the Royal Commission considers it appropriate to communicate your information to a law enforcement agency.

Infographic: Sharing your story in a private session

A5 Brochure: A guide to your private session with the Disability Royal Commission

A5 Brochure: After your private session


The average wait time for a private session is between 6 - 8 months, although experiences may vary. There are a number of factors that may impact timing for a private session.   This means that one person may wait longer than another, but we will try our best to see everyone within 8 months of their registration.

Your preferences might impact the timing of your private session.  For example, if you have a preference to be seen by a particular Commissioner, or if you would rather wait to have a face to face private session instead of a telephone or videoconference session.  Border restrictions as a result of COVID-19 have limited our capacity to hold as many face to face private sessions as we would like, which has meant longer wait times for those wanting a face to face session.

The Royal Commission plans to go to every state and territory to hold private sessions. We will do our best to accommodate requests for private sessions in regional and rural locations; however, this may not always be possible.  The Royal Commission will pay reasonable travel expenses if you who need to travel to the nearest city to attend your private session. This includes airfares, accommodation and taxi vouchers where required.