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Attend the hearing

If you are attending the Sydney hearing in February, the following information will be useful.

You are welcome to bring one or two items that comfort or support you. This might include

  • Your service animal
  • Fidget items
  • A photo
  • A blanket or something else.

Getting to the hearing

The public hearing will be held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park Hotel – we call this ‘the Novotel’.

You can find it on Google Maps.

Level 1 – Freshwater Ballroom

Novotel, Olympic Boulevard & Herb Elliot Avenue

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney, NSW

Transport and parking

The website for the Novotel has information about transport to the venue.

Train stopOlympic Park Station

Bus stop – Dawn Fraser Avenue, opposite Olympic Park Station

There is a 300 metre walk from these stops to the Novotel.


There are several paid car parks nearby. You can find out more in on the website under parking

There is an underground carpark at the Novotel. Parking at the hotel costs between $15 up to $45. If you are parking in the basement there is a lift that can take you directly to level 1.

Arriving at the hearing

When you arrive at the train station you should look for exits toward Showground Road and the Aquatic Centre.

If you can’t find these look for these people to help:

  • Disability Royal Commission staff will be waiting with signs and name badges
  • Transport NSW staff

You will exit out of the train station into a long paved area with trees either side.

The street in front of you is Showground Road.

Across the road you will see ANZ stadium to the right and a large white curved building on the left. That is the Novotel.

Turn left and walk down Showground road.

Go across Dawn Fraser Avenue.

Accessible entry

Follow the footpath along Showground Road.

Turn right into Herb Elliot Ave.

You will see a sign for the Novotel and ibis next to a driveway.

Walk up the driveway to the main entrance.


Walk toward Cold Rock Ice-cream shop.

Go up the stairs to the left of the shop. You will see signs for the Novotel.

Follow the footpath to the main entrance.

Security checks

There will be a security check at the front door of the hearing, on level 1.

Security staff will move a wand up and down your body to make sure you are safe.

Security staff do not need to touch your body.

They will also check all your bags. You should hold your bags open for them to look.

Venue amenities

The hearing is being held on the first floor.

There will be staff at the door and inside the building at the reception desk to help with finding the event room and amenities.


There are accessible

  • Toilets on level 1 and ground floor as well as more bathrooms within 50 metres of the hearing
  • Ramps at drop off zones
  • Lifts including from the car parks.

The public hearing:

  • Is guide dog and assistance dog friendly
  • Has TTA Hearing Assisted telephones and other hearing assisted devices to hire
  • Has wheelchairs for hire

Cafés and Restaurants

There are lots of food options around the Novotel. You can walk to them nearby, or catch the lift to LG which will take you to the Brewery. From here you can choose to walk along the parade for more options.

Please don’t bring your own food

Please note you are not permitted to bring food and beverage into the premises, due to food health and safety regulations. If this is a concern to you please contact our team on 1800 517 199.


There could be media at the event.

The Royal Commission has a media team who will be there to take photos and video.

You can say no if you do not want your photo to be taken.

Hearings will be filmed and shown live on the internet. Anyone can watch.

Ask us on the day if you do not want to be seen during the hearing.

Getting support

If you are feeling upset from being at the hearing you can ask to speak to a counsellor. Counsellors will be at the hearing. You can also speak to counsellors after the event.

Make a submission

If you would like to make your own submission please see our website submissions page.