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Public hearing 16 on employment postponed due to COVID-19 concerns

Due to the ongoing nature of the current COVID-19 restrictions on movement and travel, the Disability Royal Commission has decided that Public hearing 16, scheduled to take place in Melbourne from 28 July to 3 August, will be postponed until later in August 2021.

The Royal Commission deeply regrets the need to postpone the hearing.  Unfortunately it is not feasible to conduct this hearing remotely as it has been planned on the basis that it is intended that all witnesses will appear in person in Melbourne. Many of the hearing participants live in NSW and are currently subject to public health ‘stay at home’ orders. They are also now not able to travel to Melbourne as the Victorian border is effectively closed to residents of New South Wales.

It is also necessary for the Royal Commission to take into account the health and safety of DRC staff, witnesses, and members of the public.

In these circumstances, the only practical and prudent course is to postpone the hearing.

Please monitor our website for further information regarding the rescheduling of Public hearing 16.

The 16th public hearing of the Disability Royal Commission will be the second part of its examination of open employment and provides an opportunity for a closer look at the measures taken by employers and regulators in response to the systemic barriers to open employment for people with disability. It follows the first hearing on employment in December 2020 - Public hearing 9.

For more information contact the DRC media team on 0436 841 166 or